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U-Craft Online Service Termination Notice       



Last updated December 1, 2014



I. General Provision


A. Purpose

These Terms and Conditions (the "Terms") are associated with the use of its (the "Company") and its partners will use the customer (the "Member") to the web game services provided jointly (the "Service) in ㈜ Yellowstone by fondness for the purpose of the basic knowledge of terms and procedures between the members and the company.


B. Definition of terms 

Definition of the main terms used in this Agreement are as follows:

(1) the contract: in relation to the services provided by the company says that the contract entered into between the Company and Customers.

(2) Members: access to sites operated by companies agree to these terms and conditions and, ID (unique identifier) and PASSWORD (password) for receiving a person says the company uses the service provided.

(3) Member ID (the "Member ID"): a member selected to use the service identify the members and the company says a word or a combination of the number of approvals.

(4) Password: Sign is consistent with the member ID to confirm that you are endowed members, says a combination of letters and numbers selected by a member in order to protect the privacy of its members.

(5) cancellation: Company or members refers to cancel the contract.

(6) Paid services company refers to a variety of Internet content and services that provide items for a fee.

(7) Ruby says cyber money on the Internet that you can use to use or purchase services on a fee-for-service within.


The exclusions set forth in claim 1, wherein the definition of terms used in the agreement and is as prescribed in the relevant laws and service-specific instructions. It does not specify the relationship of the statutes and service-specific information is common commercial practice.


C. Effect and apply to an amendment of Conditions


(1) This agreement is a service operated by the company website (the "Website"), published online by the effect occurs in the initial screen. Members agree to these terms and conditions and want to sign up if you agree to the Terms and Conditions from time under the application of the agreed terms of the agreement, there is a change from the time when the effects of the changes made subject to the revised terms.

(2) agreeing to these terms and conditions please visit our website on a regular basis means that you agree to make changes to the Terms and Conditions. Damage caused members do not know the information about the changed terms and conditions shall not be liable for the company.

(3) The company is able to amend these Terms and Conditions to the extent not inconsistent with the relevant laws and regulations when there is reasonable cause.

(4) Since the company 10 days prior to their effective date (or significant changes to the disadvantage of the user information is 30 days) on the homepage with an initial screen to indicate the current agreement, the effective date and reason for revision if you amend these terms and conditions apply to work from The disclosure to 7 days. In addition, the company will send the agreement, effective date and reason for change to change the existing user by e-mail. The revised terms will take effect from the day you apply disclosure or notice.

(5) Members have the right to refuse for the revised Terms and Conditions. Members should all the diligence with respect to changes in the terms and conditions, if you do not agree to the revised terms and conditions you may terminate your membership, after the effective date of the revised terms and conditions or the refusal to continue to use the service in the user agreement period If you do not appear, you agree to changes to the Terms and Conditions.



II. Service Contract 

A. Grant of establishment and the member ID 

(1) Self-company agreement to use the services provided by the following companies for the content of these terms and conditions apply to the use according to the forms and procedures offered by the company are between companies and users by consent for that one application contents the contract will be signed.


(2) agree to these Terms and Conditions physician's consent by clicking on the "Accept" button on party use these terms to be used when applying for a service display is complete.


(3) Customers should be sure to include your real name and real information of users used when applying paragraph (1). It does not comply members can not be protected by law and may be limited and the service can be criminally punished according to the law.


(4) Members are company may be granted one or more account by the specified procedure, the art through each assigned member ID companies can enjoy the services provided. Once granted Member ID is in principle impossible to change, due to unavoidable reasons, if you want to change your Member ID has terminated the membership ID and must join as a new member ID.


(5) Status successor to Member ID is not allowed.

(6) The Company shall not be liable for any disadvantages arising from the use of information and apply for a customer or a member of a member does not fill correctly, but others do not inform the changes.


(7) The Company may proceed with the accreditation process through the professional organization for self certification of its members.


B. Approval for the use of Applications

(1) The company is in the business or service accepted the principle that if there is a problem with respect to the use of technical application in accordance with Article 5 of contents.


(2) The Company may then not consent with respect to application for each call.

  • If you are applying for blind or is not using someone else's name
  • If the substrate or false information, the company does not enter the required information in the form presented
  • If it is determined that approval is not possible for reasons attributable to the user
  • If the third-party credit card, wired / wireless phone, bank accounts, etc. by unauthorized use or theft of payment Ruby
  • If it is determined by the user does not conform to the company's internal service standards or service provider is difficult to
  • If you wish to use the service as an illegal purpose
  • If other companies are using the application requirements stated lack
  • for the purpose of pursuing a profit if you wish to use the service
  • If you are applying in violation of the terms and conditions or other provisions


(3) Any of the following company information, each of you can limit your consent to use application, you can suspend the approval until the reasons for the resolution.

  • If there is no room in the service-related equipment
  • The technical information can not handle the service failure occurs,
  • For the past month, and you want to re-record my termination apply for membership
  • If the circumstances warrant deemed necessary for other companies


(4) The company has a minor case of the user specified in the relevant legislation, as prescribed in the service-specific information may be withheld consent, minors under the age of 14 to go through the consent of the user is the legal representative of the company in accordance with the laws presented you can complete the sign up process.


C. Protection and Use of Personal Information 

(1) The Company is committed to protecting your personal information, including the registration information according to related laws. For the protection and use of user personal information Privacy Statement to relevant laws and company announcements will be applied separately.


(2) The company shall, if necessary, to confirm the person, can members to notice the reason (purpose) and ask for a certificate of membership identification card or its successor. The company can not be used other than it was advised of the purpose, objectives, immediately discards a way that can not be played.


(3) If you ask for personal information from government agencies and public institutions in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations the company can provide any personal information.


(4) The company can provide companies of various marketing, public relations or advertising for contact information such as phone numbers, e-mail address of the member information, if users do not want it, you can unsubscribe at any time through the procedures provided.


(5) The company is not responsible for all the information, including account information of a user is exposed due to reasons attributable to the user.


D. Member ID and Password Management

(1) All the administrative responsibilities of the Member ID and password are its members.

(2) Any liability for such unauthorized use or negligence in use by any third party caused by the Member ID and password registered members are to the Member. However, if there is intention or gross negligence by the company does not.

(3) Members may view a page that allows you to manage your personal information through its information management menu in the service, on the page at any time, you can view and edit the personal information. However, the required name for the service management, date of birth and unique identifying information can not be modified.

(4) Member ID is, as a rule, can not be changed for consistency and a member of the rights of membership management.



III. Terms of Service


A. Initiated the use  of the service

(1) The company will start a service from the time of acceptance of the use of the customer to use application. However, for some services, you can start a service from the specified date according to your company's needs.

(2) The Company may offer to pay for certain services.

(3) Due to the failure of the company's business or technical service does not start, you notify the disclosure on the website or its members.


B. Service Hours

(1) The company will serve as a business or technical special one 24 hours a day seven days a week to provide principles do not interfere. However, if the company has the necessary operational system, periodic inspection, extension and replacement of the server, the addition of new game content, and various bug patches, etc., it is possible to suspend the service for a period of time, in which case the Company will notice it on the website in advance .

(2) Notwithstanding paragraph 1, the company generated a fatal bug that can not be notified in advance, the server appliance defects, such as emergency and urgent security issues can be also due to unavoidable reasons, without notice, the service is temporarily suspended, this case you can notice it in the post. If a company is deemed to replace the need for such a new service, and then posted on the website in advance for a period of time, you can stop the services that are currently available.

(3)The Company may perform routine maintenance as necessary for the provision of services, periodic inspection time is a notice on the homepage of the bar.

(4) The Company may cease all or part of the service if it deems such troubles due to congestion or services of national grounds of force majeure, such as a power outage or emergency service facilities provide normal service is impossible, that this case must notify the reason and duration of its members through the website in advance or after the fact.

(5) The company is the only paragraph 1, in accordance with the relevant legislation in spite of 16, you can limit the members receive 12 a.m. to 6 a.m. Service of years old.

(6) The Company may restrict the hours of gaming services for the Gaming of its members.

(7)The company stopped the service, with regard to disability compensation in accordance with the following subparagraphs. However, each of the relevant service period is applicable only to stop, or failure caused utilized.

  • In the event of more than one days prior cumulative four hours' fault notification services company could not be stopped, or disability, extended three times the service interruption time period equivalent to the item or service.
  • Although prior notice, if the service stops or disability for more than 10 hours accumulated, extend the period of overtime as the item or provide equivalent.




(1) The services offered by the company is basically free. However, for a separate fee shall geureohaji information and fee-based services set out in the company, details on fee-for-service use is subject to the terms and conditions the company's policy.

(2) Pay the information set out in the company and paid services can be purchased in Ruby.

(3) Payment and settlement conditions of the ruby is as follows:

  • Ruby Payment by credit cards, mobile payments, KT home phone billing, book culture vouchers, gift certificates game culture, tinkaesi, culture vouchers, gift certificates Happy Money, OK Cash-Back, Paypal, passbook billing, real-time bank transfer, etc. provided by the company available through the payment. However, the payment can be operated company or according to the government's policy payment limit for each payment is granted, the company's circumstances warrant some form of payment may be limited.
  • If the operator of the operation of each payment separately, members must comply with the procedures for the operators of the payment methods proposed before using this payment method. When the Ruby Payment must agree to the procedure proposed implementation of operators of payment and the terms and conditions of use.


(4) Items related to the service provided by the company of the game, (including avatars) Character items, such as fee-for-service, all property, including intellectual property rights in all content (hereinafter referred to as' content) of the Company, purchased the content for a fee or , a member who has a ticket provided free of charge within the range of services provided by the company. How to use this company or transferred or used in a manner other than specified, it can not be sold.


(5) The company provided free items from the item or the company received a gift from others in order to prevent the illegal use of the members are not refundable in Ruby.


(6) The warranty period for using the content provided by the company is basically a one year period has elapsed after it lost the ticket. However, if the warranty period is stated separately paid items are subject to a warranty period stated at the time of purchase.


(7) Using the warranty period is displayed or not displayed on the pay period paid content with 'permanent' is to ensure that during the period in which the game ticket services are provided properly, if a member of the dormant members hayeotgeona the Terms and Conditions on the prohibited acts If you are classified as an ID or dormant relevant Member ID or character string that is used to delete a sanction accordingly limited use is stopped and the company is not responsible to return the purchase price for the members.


(8)The company may destroy the existing content in accordance with company policy changes and in-game items during the warranty period of the content of the game content. In this case, the company compensates equivalent only to members of the new items, and more than 15 days and a notice on the site to purchase in-game items remaining in the license fee, duration is a remaining period of the existing items.


(9) The Company is a service provided free of charge in accordance with the operational needs of the character, items, and may be part or all changes and adjust, no separate compensation to a member unless otherwise specified in the relevant legislation in this regard.


(10) Life in game items is limited to one year from the default distribution inception, the company may be destroyed items after one year. In this case, the company compensates the known decay products to its members as such items corresponding only to members hold an item in the remaining period of the members who purchase the items that are known to decay on site for more than 30 days for a fee, duration is a remaining period of the previous item.




Some of the services offered by the company can be purchased with cash and Ruby have a certain percentage. As for Ruby Ruby is different to separate terms and conditions prescribed by the company.




You agree to pay all fees and applicable taxes incurred by you or anyone using an account registered in U-Craft Online.

YellowEgg may revise the pricing for the goods and services provided through the Services at any time

Only purchases within the last 7 days are eligible for a refund and It will be requiring amount of Rubies back that you used to make the purchase


< Refund of Rubies >

  • You can ask a refund for rubies remaining in your account, please use 1 on 1 Support board for refund
  • We are unable to offer refunds for the rubies acquired from Events 


F. Change and Termination of  SERVICE


(1) The company may make changes in the service provided to the needs of operational or technical. For such information, and the date of the service to be changed prior notice to its members in the manner specified in Article 14 (4). However, if the company is unavoidable circumstances such as critical bugs occur that can not be notified in advance, the server appliance defects, critical security issues fixed, you can be notified after the fact.

(2) The company is when you need to stop the service due to all of the games and operational planning or the company's dire situation, you can notice it on the website for 30 days and stop providing the service. Members can not claim compensation for the provision of services required, a service interruption for the service interruption after the expiry of the pay item has passed. However, this time, if the article 7 of Article 11 permanent item to view the service interruption notice upon notice to the end of the service period with the use of the item.

(3) The Company may restrict or stop all or part of the service if the following for each call.

  • Display, affairs, if there is a natural disaster or national emergency, such as force majeure reasons
  • The power failure, if there is a disruption in the normal services such as congestion or failure of the overall facility utilization
  • The service here was due to the maintenance of facilities construction
  • If a company can not be a service of various factors

(4) The Company may limit the provision of an unidentified  member, under the age of 14 Members, subject to membership on the Youth Protection Act, only members under the age of 20, regular service for foreign members.

(5) In the case of service interruptions due to claim 2, you notice the way the company is set out in Article 14 (4). However, the company is due to the interruption of service due to reasons beyond its control, it shall not apply if notice is not possible.

(6) The Company is not responsible for any problems that occur with changes and stop the service.


G. Notice of the offer and the members of  information

(1)The Company may place ads in order to maintain the services, the member will agree to the ads that are exposed when using the service.

(2) The company has to offer third party members on the subject of paragraph (1) advertising or communication or transaction involved the responsibility of the Member for any loss or damage caused by a.

(3) The Company may request additional information about the individual members for the purpose of improving such services and membership target service introduction, members are able to provide additional information or refuse consent for the request.

(4) If the notice of the member company may by notice published in the site or in the most recent e-mail address, and a member of the input. However, if the e-mail will not be held responsible for any problems that might occur when you can not be notified by the limitations of the e-mail service provider.

(5) The company may advertise on the service screen for quantitative and qualitative improvement of services.

(6) The mobile phone company, ARS case in relation to the settlement with the appeal of a member or a mobile phone, ARS settlement, at the request of the arbitration center, troubleshooting information related to the member's only service to the extent necessary for a cell phone, ARS settlement you can provide the arbitration Center (


H. Posting of Members

(1) The posts referred to in the service of the company is a member posts, photos, various files and links, including a picture, which means information such as comments.

(2) The membership rights in the posts is a member, or loss which may arise from such posts are the responsibility of the individual members are not responsible for any company.

(3). The Company may be moved to a post in accordance with the need to manage.

(4) If a member of the Post received a complaint, such as the company claims that it has two euros from others infringe upon the rights of others, members wrote a post shall cooperate actively in order to indemnify the Company, the Company has not been Disclaimer If the member will be responsible for the problem caused him

(5) Members are: you can not post or deliver the content for each call, the company posts that exist within the service can be deleted without notice if it is determined that any of the following subparagraphs, and may reject your registration.

  • If a slander others or defamatory content
  • If the information in violation of public order and morals in
  • If it is determined that relate to criminal behavior
  • Includes the Company's intellectual property and intellectual property rights of third parties
  • if the information that infringes the rights of others
  • if the information does not match the service provided by the company personality
  • When showing unauthorized advertising and promotions
  • The content created by stealing someone else's membership ID, name, etc. without permission
  • In the case of others above, modulation type, and more information
  • The withdrawal of registered members post
  • If you duplicate the same information in contrary to the purpose of the publication and many others posting
  • Sales of items acquired within the game
  • Content that promotes illegal copy or hacking
  • If you interfere with the normal operation of the company or service
  • If the violation of other laws


I. Copyright of the Posts

(1) Copyright and other intellectual property rights in the work created by the company are owned by the Company.

(2) Members copyright of posts posted in this service are owned by their respective owners.

(3) The members shall not use information obtained while using the service company for commercial purposes without the consent of, or to be made available to third parties.

(4) Members may be exposed posts and publish the results to services and related events and promotions in the service, within the scope necessary for the exposure, some modification, reproduction, publication may be edited. In this case, the company must comply with the terms of the Copyright Act.

(5) If the company is a member of the post for the Article 15 Clause 5, or a third subparagraphs a complaint to the issue of copyright from the party and it is determined that there is a substantial reason, without prior notice, delete them, or to refuse to register themselves number, and information about copyright and infringement and takedown caused by post is subject to copyright and related laws.


IV. Duty with Contracting parties


A. Obligations of the Companies

(1) The company shall not be prohibited by laws and not to act contrary to these Terms and Conditions or morals, and strive to provide a continuous and reliable service.

(2) The Company will comply with the Disclosure and Privacy committed to the privacy of its members.

(3) The company has to disclose personal details to any other party without your permission, do not deploy. If you, however, is required by national legislation, such as telecommunications laws and regulations, including laws and regulations will not apply there.

(4) The company's procedures and contractual relationships and the content of such modification and termination of membership and the signing of the contract, contract strive to provide convenience to its members.


B. Obligations of members

(1) Customers can join and be listed on the basis of all the information and facts at the time of application, if you register a false or another person's information can not claim any rights.

(2)Members are there in using the services provided by the company should not engage in each of the following actions:

  • Application for Membership or membership information based upon false information to change or Toei someone else's User ID and password, and the act of illegally using
  • The members of the member ID Act, which deals with others
  • such as cyber accumulation on the item in Member ID act of trafficking and others
  • the company's service information or services from companies using information obtained without the company's consent, reproduction, or distribution to, or use commercially actions
  • actions to penalize or to damage another person's honor
  • Bulletin and posted a link to a pornographic website pornographic or otherwise
  • the company's intellectual property, and other acts that infringe upon the intellectual property rights of third parties
  • public order and the information of the content which may be in violation of public morals, sentences, figures, actions and voice to disseminate to others
  • Service and the associated equipment malfunction or destruction of information agreement and causing chaos spreading computer viruses or infected material acts to register
  • acts of using the service by exploiting a bug in the program
  • Service Operations intentionally interfere with or to transmit advertising information against the doctor explicit opt-out of information and receiver that can interfere with the stable operation of the service actions
  • The actions and behaviors that express the relationships with others as false by others
  • self or another person to act jugeona the interests of property for the purpose of distributing false information to apply for damages to others
  • acts by unauthorized use without Article 11, paragraph 3 of the first arc of payment or consent of myeonguija accept payment for service charges
  • under the meandering riches gamble or act of the act
  • words that cause shame or disgust or fear or sound, text and image or video to continue to reach to the other activities that interfere with the person's daily life
  • acts to change the published information on the service
  • related to the transmission or the information posted is prohibited by law acts to transmit or post (computer program)
  • most or impersonating an employee or owner of a company or to steal another person's name conduct posting or sending an e-mail
  • computer software, hardware, interfere with the normal operation of the telecommunication equipment, designed for the purpose of destroying virus software, other computer code, files, actions publish material that contains the program or to be sent to e-mail
  • bullying the other members
  • without the approval of the company collecting the personal information of other members or the act of storing
  • other unlawful or improper conduct in violation of the relevant laws and


(3) The members of the relevant laws, the Company shall comply with such requirements, including the provisions of this agreement is notified, should not engage in activities that interfere with the work of others.


(4) Members are not able to do business, such as selling a product using the service, it can not provide service to deal with such items and the member ID acquired through, or be offered, hacking, revenue through advertising, commercial software illegally you can not act like distributing, or preparing an act like that can not be advertised. This result and the loss caused by the breach of the sales activities, such as respect and restraint legal action by the authorities is the sole member of the liability and the Company disclaims any obligation to you. If in connection with such acts membership damage caused to the company members are obligated to pay for any damages.


(5) The members of addresses, contacts, if changes occur to the e-mail, including contract matters should notice it in the company immediately after the procedure. If members provide registration information and update the registration information, and other members of the conduct set forth in this paragraph 2, including the case be incorrect, the Company may restrict or stop the services of its members.


(6) The Company must check the site often for announcements.


V. Termination and Limitation of the SERVICE


A. The service limitation and services

(1) A member may request a yiyongjung termination of service due to circumstances beyond the members.

(2) If a member wants to stop using the service, you can stop using e-mail to the company through the application below.


(3) If you want a termination of the service, you can terminate the contract with the Withdrawal Application of the site.

(4) Any of the following companies are members of each call, to notify its members through Article 14, Paragraph 4 way or other effective means to stop the service until the reasons for the use of members has been removed or to limit you can.

  • If a part is false in my profile information
  • within the site and the game if the behavior offensive to others
  • interfere with smooth game play and operation
  • The company is not allowed to use the program and distribute bug utilization of the system, if you want to undermine the act of hacking or other system
  • If the member ID and password that occurred due to leakage of the fraud, such as by a third party
  • The terms and conditions of other members by a company ID if use is stopped or restricted


(5) If a member company of the following are true: each call, the Company may notify its members through Article 14, Paragraph 4 way or valid means to deprive the membership.

  • If the total is the pretense of my profile information
  • When using the services of others to steal your name or personal information
  • In the case of others, such as payment information, steal or deal with misconduct
  • For Sale Ruby and content, or the act of transferring or induce this
  • The use of the program the company did not give it to me, if that undermine the bugs used, hacking, or other systems of systems
  • If you received a stop or limit use more than twice the service from the company


(6) The Company may be reduced to a fourth term action if it considers it as this section applies to claim 5, wherein the company properly.

(7) The Company may prevent Member ID is used to delete improper purpose and its Member ID only if you meet all the following requirements in order to provide more seamless service.

  • Member for more than 12 months without a written access ID
  • If the item is purchased, ruby or pay a fee using the remaining period does not exist in the first paragraph member ID


(8) A member may appeal in accordance with the procedures established by the Company with respect to the course of action.


(9) Termination members of the service contracts, etc. When a member deprive members and services of the company terminates the contract, except as provided in the relevant laws and regulations and the company can not delete your Member ID in order to maintain a better service, environment, etc. , Member ID is deleted if it may be, except as provided in the relevant laws and regulations and all information and content related to the member's ID is deleted, membership is information that needs to be kept in service before the end of the contract is to be backed up separately, the company members of the contract after the end member ID will not bear the relevant information and content deleted from liability.

(10) Any member may appeal in connection with the service limitation through such sites or e-mail, when the company its customers justifiable to take action accordingly.

(11) If the child is a member of such obligation, and the billing act without the consent of their legal guardian, legal representative of the minor or the minor, a member may cancel the contract in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. However, are excluded in cases of minor principalities.

(12) Details relating to the use of such cancellation and refund paid fee-for-service is defined in the Terms and Conditions.


VI. Damages

A. Damages

(1) If a member of the damage that occurs due by the company in violation of the provisions of this Agreement, any breach of this agreement the member will be liable for all damages caused to the company.

(2) The relevant member if the member is due to the wrongful act or violation of these Terms and Conditions have done in using a service company that receives the various appeals or litigation, including claims for damages from third parties other than the relevant Member of costs and their responsibilities the need to indemnify the Company, if the company has failed to indemnify all relevant members are required to reimburse the Company for damages caused thereby.

(3) The Company shall not be liable for any damages with respect to matters arising out of or in connection with the services provided free of charge.


B. Disclaimer

(1) If the company is unable to provide the service due to force majeure or similar natural disaster has the responsibility for service delivery are exempt.

(2) The Company shall not be liable for failure to stop or use, termination of service due to reasons attributable to the user.

(3) The Company has incurred damages if the carrier period by not stopping, or to provide telecommunications services properly, are exempt from this responsibility.

(4) Maintenance of equipment service company known in advance, replacement, periodic inspection, construction, etc. are responsible for in the event of unavoidable circumstances as a service is stopped or disability are exempt.

(5)  The Company is exempt from liability for such damage occurs, the service user as eclectic or used to do things which can not be responsible for the return expected by the service.

(6) The company assumes no liability for any problems arising from your network does not have any problems or liability to the company resulting from the user's computer environment.

(7) The company information is posted or transmitted by users in or on site service, data, reliability of the facts, and is not responsible for the accuracy of such information.

(8) The Company is not obligated to intervene in the dispute to the service via a third party and occurred between users or users will not be liable to compensate the resulting damages.

(9) The Company is not responsible for the case when the damages caused by members of the computer errors or inaccurate personal information and e-mail addresses listed or non-listed by damage has occurred.

(10) As a member of the company to use the service (excluding those purchased directly paid by the company) acquired grade, items, except for cases of intentional or gross negligence of the Company or a company's employees for the loss of such content, and is responsible and does not cover.

(11) The company is when you need to stop the service altogether due to operational planning, or the company's dire situation of the game, you can notice it on the site for 30 days and stop providing the service. Members can not claim compensation for the provision of services required, a service interruption for the service interruption after the expiry of a fixed-term pay items elapsed.


C. The competent court

(1) If there is a disagreement or dispute between the company and its members in connection with the service, it must be amicably resolved by agreement between the parties.

(2) If paragraph (1) the dispute is not resolved amicably if mothayeo lawsuit is filed, the court proceedings is the competent court in accordance with the procedures set out in the relevant laws and regulations.

(3) In the suit, filed between companies and users to apply the laws of the Republic of Korea.