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[Notice] Result : Unauthorized Scripts

Greetings, Commanders 

As we noticed, we have been looking into the unauthorized program

Investigation period

  • December 17 2016 - December 19 2016
  • Step.1 Banned for 3 days
  • Step2. Banned permanently


We have investigated carefully and we decided to apply it 

First, the users who used the unauthorized program are banned for 3days 

Make sure not to use unauthorized progrm and we will keep looking into it by mornitoring 




I do not use scripts or bots on Ucraft game.  please evaluate your system because it may cause a permanent ban if I do not know what caused this.  I am very active.  
I also do not use scripts or bots but my account is suspended. Tired of crap games so I will not use this one again.

IP Address: 184.156.***.***

Well done U-Craft. You have earned my renewed respect for you and the game. Keep purging!
I also do not use scripts or 'unauthorised programs'. I'm not sure what this purge is being based on but it seems a number of players are being unfairly banned. 

I feel we need some clarity on the criteria here. 
they can  look in  the code and see if your running a script. it is rather easy to find. if you were banned. you had a script running threw your accoutnt at some point
i am very impressed with the system in play here. it seems to have pinpointed exact issues, and currently appears to be done fairly and without prejudice. congratuations (and i for one admit i am amazed by day1) 
yes would like to know what it is u seem to think im doing to be kicked from the game as much as we wont fairness i simple dont see or understand what it is that has bin done to be banned if any1 knows lemme know please so i can stop whatever it is even if is that im to active just would like to know thnax and good gaming
i have not done anything wrong , and cant see why this is happening?
bye bye "innocent" cheaters. well done Admin
AB is not a cheater and neither is Skitz0 so i don't know, what scrips they were checking for neither of them use scrips
lol loosers saying it is a good job that they have banned innocent players.  
You are just the minority Mutated. We are merely happy that the majority of the cheaters got the ban. If you really did not cheat, your issue is with Support, not the so-called "loosers". You are just Collateral Damage.
I can't even send a mail to support on their contact page. I just says "Invalid content" when I try to send the message.
So what did I do to get banned? Is it wrong to play on cell phone?
No programs have been used except a browser. No scripts at all...
It only means their findings in the investigation is final and there shall be no appeal. In every game I see, the real innocent players who got banned by accident are probably less than 5%. However the cries of innocence from the number of players here have way exceeded that percentage and I doubt that many are wrongly banned. No devs will ban any player without a probable cause when everything thats done in the game are recorded in their servers.
I have never and will never use any scripts and I know Abowen and Mutated never used scripts either. I am very active player and I don't understand why we are being punished for not doing something wrong...
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Where as there may be some folks who were banned and yet did no wrong. I believe the truth will prevail for those people. However, the vast majority of alliance members in UFO, Hitlist, TWO, and Pyramid have been cheating from the start. The fact all UFO's banned players are all in the top positions in galaxy's 16 to 20 shows they were not playing by the rules. Additionally, UFO has dominated the Terra Nova battles, by using an unfair practice is in my opinion grounds for a permanent ban. If these people are to be reinstated, their fleets, and control centers should be reduced by at least 50%. If the only penalty they receive is a 3 day ban, then that essentially rewards them, and tells them it was worth it to cheat!!! What message do the owners of this game want to send???
I agree, they still have an unfair advantage that was only possible through their cheating. I think the game would be better off without them
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it is easy to see if  your running a script. the devs are laughing at you when you deny it. its all logged there is aloways a record. they just dont want to ban players who produce them $$


this player is BANNED and still able to mine


i am unable to stop this cheat, and they dont seem to want to either 
oh - that makes sense, the cheating little shit has been allowed back in again. I wonder if it has anything to do with his continued game-play throughout his ban and the ability of this game to honour its word and stop cheating little korean shits.
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