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3 day Ban

The cheaters are laughing at the game devoplers.


They are allowed to keep all the extra resources and xion they cheated to get...


Three day break from game was a vacation for them.


The ban was a FREE protection bubble without the lock out.


They were given a gift. Not a punishment.


No new players should ever play this game with moderation these devolpers show.


Any other game would ban them permanently or at least remove the advantage cheating gave them.

cheat for 2 years until you're 10x bigger than anyone else, take a 3 day protected vacation, come back and dominate. seems totally fair and should guarantee no one will ever cheat again. 
Okay Devs.. this is a pile of CRAP.. you cheat, get caught, get a 3 day FREE Protection Bubble, Keep all the Xion, Resources and Fleets you cheated to get and No Real Action is taken.......... WTF !!!!!!!!  This was more of you backing what they did than any kind punishment..
It is sad the ban is for 3 days! You have lost many good players as a result of UFO's cheating and bullying practices. If you look at galaxy's 16 - 20, you will see all of the top 5 in the ranking boards are UFO members. Additionally, they dominate the Terra Nova battles every week as a result of their using scripts or bots to significantly increase their fleets over anyone elses.

Now, we are being threatened by a banned member of UFO that we will pay the price for their being banned????

Lv2polarbear : You are sentenced to two days later will be dead. Two more days left.
AdmiralNemo : a message from the cheaters???
AdmiralNemo : they should have banned your cheating ass permanently!!
Lv2polarbear : Going to war in two days. Be ready for it.
Popeye : Sentenced? By which court? lol
Lv2polarbear : You are the first target. Popeye

If I were you, for such blatant violation of the rules, and the significant advantage they have gained as a result of their actions, I would make the ban permanent! Otherwise, you are doing little more than a slap on the wrist, and allowing them to continue to ravage the good players, and dominate the game through unfair practices. Maybe you should give all the players the scripts UFO uses, and lets us catch up to them to level the playing field..

Admiral Nemo
Ya, I'm going to have to agree. We couldn't even attack them not to mention they did the Terra Nova the day before so they come back to that. They've been cheating for nearly as long as they've been playing. They got to the position they are at now because of it and still have everything they got? How about you give everyone who wasn't cheating some kind of xion bonus to catch up to these guys.....
I had to leave my alliance because I became a target for an endless stream of missiles as well as occupations from dudes that I can't even touch because of the amount of xion ships. They didn't get that xion fairly. Running miners 24/7 even when they aren't online and now they will come back with a vengeance. Come up with a better solution then a 3 day protection bubble.... Nice little break.
Removed Comment
If only we can all use the scripts to catch up. After all its only a three day ban as first time offenders. Else what's the point of me spending any money really at this point of the game. 
I thought it said purple was permanent ban and to be honest he does bring up a good point there 3 days protective bubble from harassment I understand you cant just leave them open because then alts take what they got but they will come back and still have everything they got by cheating? 
agreed the 3 day ban only allowed them to rest, or use other accounts, this was not a punishment, more a variety. 

We should have been able to attack, colonise and abuse these players, not have threats from alts about what will happen when they return.

Think about this seriously, all you did was made them use a different alternative account for 3 days whilst the banned one sat there safe.
Come on devs help me out. Young is colonizing me and I can't stop it. Can't leave alliance for 24 hours.... Come on. This is how a cheater gets to power. 18:18:9
RIP 18:189 and 18:18:15. Two occupations at once with the occupation shield on. :(
So the following pictures are ExtremeFarmer and Younglak taking two colonies at once. Nice way around the game mechanics.
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