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The 23th Galaxy 'Kronos'        


  1. General Resources
  2. Xion


1. General Resources


Metal -  relatively easy to get and it's used everywhere



Crystal - a bit more valuable than Metal and it's used for more sophisticated works



Gas - used mainly for fuel for ships but also used in other works



Energy - acquired only through Solar Plant and used for resource production and missile stand-by




2. Xion

Xion is extremely rare and it is the most important resource in the universe

It is required to build extraordinarily powerful ships

In order to view the amount of possession or conduct composition/decomposition, you need to build Xion Laboratory

There are 3 kinds of Xion and 5 kinds of tier

  1. Black Xion 
  2. Blue  Xion
  3. Red   Xion


< Acquisition of Xion >

  1. It can be mined with Miners sent to Resource Planet with [Mining] mission
  2. It will be sent to Xion Laboratory in Home planet automatically
  3. It can be purchased with Ruby at Shop
  4. You cannot take other users' Xion by any means
  5. You won't lose Xion even when the ships of Xion are destroyed

Note that Xion will be saved even you haven't built Xion Laboratory


< Composition & Decomposition >

  1. Xion is acquired in a form of powder
  2. Powers can be composed into a variation of tier5 to tier1 Xion
  3. There are 3 kinds of Xion just like Xion powder
  4. Larger amount of powder is composed into Xion of higher tier
  5. You can decompose your Xion into powders, and use it to get Xion of different tier