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User Interface


1. Main Interface


Main Interface

 The first page when you Log-In



Player Info

  • Player - Your id
  • Level - Based on earned exp
  • Alliance - Your alliance
  • Planets - The number of home planet and colonies
  • Point - Represents the level of development
  • Xenon : Auxiliary currency.  Xenon is given mostly by Alliance activity. With Xenon you can purchase various items in the Shop



Main Menu

  • Overview - General information and current state of the planet
  • Resource - Resource-related buildings
  • Facility - Buildings of various functions
  • Research - Conducting research & viewing the current level of research
  • Shipyard - Building ships & viewing N of ships you hold
  • Control Center - Control center for the control of the ships  
  • Defense - Building defense turrets & viewing the current defense
  • Alliance - Alliance activity menu
  • Galaxy - Showing & browsing systems and galaxies
  • Fleet - Organizing fleet missions with your ships
  • Ranking - Various ranking



Planet Selection Bar

You can see all your planets and change the current planet by selecting one of them



Event Bar

You can check all the event including your fleet mission even attack from enemy



Resource Info

The amount of each resource in the current planet is displayed




You can open the Shop and purchase various Items 




You can open Inventory and use your item in Inventory



Message Box

You can open Message Box




Guidance Quest for newbie :)  You can learn the basic knowledge for U-Craft and earn the Ruby as well 




You can proceed following quest




You can open configuration Option Menu



Log Off