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Ship Building FAQ


What is the Control Center?

Control Center is the facility where can provide control of units, it includes both of ships and defenses


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I want to know how many ships I can produce right now

You can see it on the [Shipyard] menu

  • If you click on [Detail] button, all the ships will be indicating as list and graph



I want to build Valkyrie but, it says that I need ship design?

If you want to build over Battleship-Tier, you need ship design for each ship

Upgrade Design Academy, then you can get ship design like below


< Ship needed ship design >


< Design Academy >


< When you click on 'Design' >



Why cannot I build a Nightmare?

When you have enough Xion

  • You cannot build a nightmare if you do not have enough Xion
  • Check on Xion needed ( Used / Owned ) for Nightmare
  • ex)
  • 1) You have 1 Tier Black Xion x 10, therefore you can only build a Nightmare


  • 2) To build a Nightmare, you need each 10 of the 1 Tier  Blue Xion, Red Xion, Black Xion 


  • 3) You already built a Nightmare, so you need more Black Xion for additional building


When you have enough Xion

  • Check if you have enough resources for building it
  • Upgrade the Nightmare Control Tower in the Contol Center


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