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Alliance FAQ


What are the benefits of joining the alliance?

If you join an alliance, there are various benefits 

  • Alliance Passive
  • Alliance Research
  • Alliance Shop 
  • Benefits from solar system control
  • Various help from other alliance members 

Do not hesitate 


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How can I join the alliance?

Click on [Alliance] menu and search for the alliance

Then, you can apply for the alliance



How can I wage a war?

If an alliance declares a war to an enemy alliance, the war begins 


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How can I use alliance funds?

It can be used Either for alliance research or for war expense 

  • Alliance Research     - It makes your alliance stronger through 13 kinds of research
  • Alliance War Funds  - It will be used during the war. If your alliance has plan for war, you might donate amount of Gas resources


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Can a leadership of an alliance be transferred?

here's what you have to do

Go to the [Alliance Admin]  =>  [Etc]  =>  [Transfer Leadership]



I cannot see my alliance member 

To see alliance members, you have to be authorized by alliance leader