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Newcomer FAQ


 Should I complete Tutorials?

You must complete tutorials

You can acquire a lot of resources and Rubys as a reward



The tutorial is finished. What should I do?

1. The Quest

  • If you complete the tutorial, the quest will available
  • Rcmd : Recommended will show you what to do in next
  • Also, you can do the Special Quest, which give you a lot of rewards


2. Plundering Alien Colonies


3. Mining Resource Planets

  • Send a miner to Resource Planet and get the resources
  • You can acquire both Xion and general resources (Metal, Crystal, Gas)



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What is the newbie buff?

Newbie buff helps new players getting used to playing the game easily. It will give them time to learn to play the U-Craft

Newbie buff should be the good chance to learn how you are going to organize this game

4 kinds of buff are given to newbies

  • Fleet Speed
  • Building Time
  • Research Time
  • Unit Producing

Buffs get smaller as the newbie levels up and disappear at Lv.15


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