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  1. Alliance Creation
  2. Alliance Passive
  3. Alliance Research
  4. Alliance Research Support
  5. Alliance Fund
  6. Request for Support
  7. War against Other Alliance
  8. Leaving Alliance


Alliance is the guild system giving it many benefits for playing


1.  Alliance Creation

There is no restriction in creating an alliance

An alliance can have maximum 30 members


< How to create an alliance >

  1. Put an alliance name and tag (These are indicated in galaxy)
  2. Select alliance passive
  3. Select alliance color 
  4. Select alliance emblem
  5. Click on [Create] button 



2. Alliance Passive

You can choose one passive buff when you create an alliance

All the members receives the passive buff benefits

There are 5 kinds of benefit

  • +5% Resource production
  • +5% Building time reduction
  • +5% Research time reduction
  • +10% Fleet speed 
  • +20% Mining speed 



3. Alliance Research 

Chief or other leaders can start alliance research

All the members receive the research benefits

There are 13 kinds of alliance researches

  • Metal production : each level of research increases Metal production by 1%
  • Crystal production : each level of research increases Crystal production by 1%
  • Gas production : each level of research increases Gas production by 1%
  • Energy production : each level of research increases Energy production by 1%
  • Building : each level of research reduces building time by 1%
  • Basic Research : each level of research reduces Basic Research time by 1%
  • Advanced Research : each level of research reduces Advanced Research time by 1%
  • Engine Research : each level of research reduces Engine Research time by 1%
  • Combat Research : each level of research reduces Combat Research time by 1%
  • Fleet Speed : each level of research increases fleet speed by 1%
  • Fleet Attack : each level of research increases fleet attack power by 1%
  • Fleet Armour : each level of research increases fleet armour power by 1%
  • Fleet Shield : each level of research increases fleet shield power by 1%



4. Alliance Research Support 

While an alliance research is in progress, members can support it and reduce the remaining time,

receiving a certain amount of Xenon in reward



5. Alliance Fund

Alliance research begin to count down when the alliance fund is made up through members donation



6. Request for Support

An alliance member can request other members for research support

Each support reduces the remaining time of the research



7. War against Other Alliance

You can declare war against other enemy alliance officially


< War procedure >

There are 3 phases 

  1. Declaration
  2. War Duration
  3. Ceasefire

The following information is a detailed explanation of those phases


1. Declaration

  • [Alliance Admin] -> [Manage Wars] -> [Search] you can search for enemy alliance
  • If you declare war, enemy alliance will be given 24 hours until they accept or deny a war 
  • Even if the enemy alliance denies, you can still enforce the with higher armament 


<Armament & Armament Penalty>

  • Gas is required as an Armament
  • If you got armament penalty, you will consume gas 2 times more
  • If armament ran out, ship performance of all the alliance members will be weaker
    • -50% Firepower, armour and shield of ships 


2. War Duration

  • Ceasefire can be proposed in 3 days
  • During the war, all the members in your alliance and enemy alliance can launch Hyperspace missiles
  • Occupation Limit is not applied 
  • User's Planet HP will be decreasing 2 times faster during the war (See more about Occupation)



3. Ceasefire 

  • Ceasefire can be proposed in 3 days since the war is begun
  • If your alliance refuse to cease fire, armament will be increased by 2 times more



8. Leaving Alliance

[Leaving Alliance] button is placed in the main menu of Alliance

You can push the button whenever you want

But you should remember you cannot left the alliance for 24 hours once you join