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[Notice] Unauthorized Scripts

Greetings Commander 

U-Craft is now allowing the unauthorized program and using bots by our policy

We will be looking into the users who is using those programs

  • It will be staring on December 17 2016 00:00
  • Step.1 Banned for 3 days
  • Step.2 Banned permanently



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Golum, till you understand the rules of the game stop calling anything you dont understand as script. I get a joint fleet from my alliance you call it scripts. Please... if your alliance is not as active your bad. Dont blame it on scripts. 
intresting ,i scaut a litle bit end find samthing wery intresting .i have .golum 	[ DRAGON ] 	1,223,718 rank point end seserony 	[ 8uff ] 	2,362,834 rank point colony 19.12.17 hau hi like you can be in green color end protected p nobady like you can not atack him,hi hawe two time biger rank then i am end is stil in green color hmmm.
only the cheaters win they get banned but those that are real cannot atk those that are banned and get some of the resources that have been stolen from them by the is this fare...all the resource ...all of the colonies that have been taken by the cheaters...protected...from the victims...from getting there  revenge...on those..."UFO" mostly who have been benefiting the most by cheating ...from the buff' Terra nova and cps..occupied by the cheaters...looks to me like another way for the cheaters to win ...????  
other games have allowed you to attack players that get the perma ban. The problem is deep here. THe devs need to do things like make the game close after so many minutes of no button presses. Maybe a captcha after so many minutes of play just to make sure. Chat was a primary indicator in other games. They would not test for activity if someone was active in some channel of chat. Screen saver mode was a true sign of no activity and would revert to the start screen. Too many of those and the captcha would come up to have you prove you are playing. THEN bans would be instituted. The devs need to consider more options for security and this would not be that big of a deal. I noticed the problem could exist when I first started. I went to bed and left the game open. Came back in the morning and it was still on. A script could have run that whole time and kept me growing and farming.
Until I see some results, I don't think I am gonna give the developers a pat on the back yet. Besides even banning for three days after an investigation will still allow those cheating accounts to continue to overpower the non-cheaters. 

I am more inclined to agree on a straight permanent ban so we all can finally learn to enjoy the game without still having those overpowered accounts due to bots and scripts. The game is already dying so unless you really want to salvage the game, you need to ban those accounts using cheats permanently. Not three days, straight PERMANENT ban.

Only a strict policy might salvage the game now.

Don't forget the alternate accounts too. No one should be using two to three accounts in my opinion.

Good luck.
Multiple accounts should be allowed because if someone want's to pay a subscription or spend all their time doing all of their different characters then let them; however, third party programs allow individuals to practically play the game with a computer. Also the English on that notice is off. It say's that U-Craft is now allowing the use of unauthorized program when I think you meant to say "not", as would imply from the punishment for using them. Could you clarify if you are now allowing them or not allowing them? Thank you and have a great night.

IP Address: 97.101.***.***

Hello GM Eva,
As an honest game player, I welcome you finally enforcing the rules regarding the use of scripts. I know for a fact you have lost many good players as a result of certain players using scripts, and gaining a tremendous advantage over those who play the game honestly. Personally, I have seen players start months after myself, and in half the time create fleets 4 to 5 times the size of mine, and I am a daily player! Whereas it is possible for one to spend a significant amount of money to create massive fleets, with an unusually high, and disproportional number of Xion ships,  the math I have done shows that tens of thousands of dollars would be required. I applaud your initiative, and sincerely hope you level the playing field for all.
too late, ded gaem!
scripts, bots, multi-accounts sould be banned and any user found with any od these should be instantly banned.
makes for a better more fair game play.
Thank you Eva for acknowledging that there is a problem.  I hope more comes out of this then i expect
Hello Eva,
Thankyou for helping to make this game more competitive for honest single character players..perhaps you could offer some type of reward or bonus for playing by the rules..and of course deleting alt. accounts and cheaters.
I still standby among those who agree that alts should be banned. I do not think that having alts are acceptable, considering these accounts will be used to swarm another player without any use of coordinating with their team. Kinda makes the Alliance redundant and overwhelms other players who play by the rules and according to Ucraft's ToS.
this is progress, and i am optimistic of this, i have slated support many times in the last year, and if they actually are going to act on this i will willingly owe them an apology. 

Tomorrow we find out of this is actually going to happen, im not going to hold my breath, but i do wish for a fairer gaming platform 
Good luck!
I think it's too late.. We need a reset first.
CLARITY NEEDED  - ALLOWING THEM? or not allowing them? 
Actually we don't need a reset but a straight permanent ban on those accounts that are not following the ToS. Once that is done, the rest of the players can finally continue with their game and willingly spend money.
Justice comes late but does not fail.
(I expect)
The real problem is those folks who were using scripts and bots now have these huge fleets which can single handedly defeat any player or group of players and they stole the xion and resources to build such fleets, and all of us who work hard for our earnings will never be able to catch up with them. I an talking about players with 340k fleets, and insane numbers of xion ships...thousands of karmas, and armageddons. In short, you stopped the flood, but you didn't repair the damage.
You should double check the algorithm to detect scripts. I am playing actively on a mobile phone. So I am online most of the time. Now my account is banned as well...
I dont know what system you are using but I have been banned for using scripts or bots.  I do not use either. I have been banned and even if I come back I will possibly be a permanent ban because I have no idea what caused this.  I am an active player and always have game on either by phone or computer.  Please fix banning system

IP Address: 76.120.***.***

buhahahahaha, so many innocent noobs
well i say this for the ones saying they didn't do anything. I have u-craft open 24/7 and that's no joke, of course i don't build and research like hell but mostly because i collect the resources for high buildings. To get to my point: I didn't got banned for being active, so either you guys lied or did something very suspicious.
i have not done anything wrong
The irony is that is exactly the first thing criminals usually say.
I have never and will never use any scripts and I know Abowen and Mutated never used scripts either. I am very active player and I don't understand why we are being punished for not doing something wrong...
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i dont know what scripts , bots are
i don't know too :)
well i don't know why iam baned
i am banned for: join game, have one account, building buildings, do research, building fleet, attack (players ia and active, alien planets, alien colony and join attack) and never pay money for games... then please someone let me know what i do wrong here... thank you  
i dont want to waste my time if noone tell me what i do wrong... game cant lock me up without tell me why they do this 
i am same has you Kilncar , we are in same system, and do the same thing , were is the evidence? , and if there is its wrong , cause i have done no thing wrong but play the game
true they need to tell us why we are punish 
non capisco come mai i bannati in modo permanente sono stati riattivati, il gioco è serio o chi paga per avere i rubini ha un prilivegio?

I do not understand why the banned permanently were reactivated, the game is serious or who pays for rubies has a prilivegio?
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after 2 years of running scripts until they are 10x bigger than everyone else, then you ban them for 3 days, which is really nothing more than a protected vacation. then they come back after 3 days and dominate? ridiculous. they should have ALL xion stripped and everything dropped a minimum of 5 levels. they didn't earn any of that and shouldn't get to keep it. this isn't them using a script one time, it's been since the server started. banning them for 3 days is a token gesture to appease those that don't cheat, but it's really just a desperation move to try and stop plummeting revenue. everyone should boycott spending another dime until the cheaters are appropriately punished. they should be reset but at least downgraded until they're even with the non cheaters.
what about mining scripts. players like mauguca and most high ranking players use mining scripts to take all the xion. you dont stop them. you only encourage cheating. i promise if you support scripting. not only will i stop playing. i will deteur others from playing too. no one wants to play a game against supported cheaters
one time. the big cheaters players or admin players play alone in the dark. is not possible the fleets there i waching lastdays and strange rise ups of rankings.
Shame you allowed cheaters to ruin such a nice game. Since you are only banning cheaters for 3 days instead of taking away what they earned through cheating I hope you don't get a single ruby purchase ever again and this game becomes a desert 
There are still people out there using scripts. There is no way they can be amassing xion fleets at the speed they are. They are like the reapers on the TV show Atlantis. You spend 24 hours working to get a plan started and they come through and clean all the resources, on all you planets, within a few seconds of each other. If they are not using scripts to regular attacks like that then I would sure like to know how they are going it cause it takes me a couple minutes per planet if I am going at send a fleet to different systems.
salve GM EVA vorrei segnalare che molti utenti utilizzano trucchi per ottenere molto xion, l ho notato nel terranova. a distanza di una sett da 6000 nigthmare sono arrivati anche ad averne oltre 15000 senza contare tutte le altre da 80 armaggeddon ho visto che ne possiedono 150 e oltre. se questo gioco devo cotinuare cos+ meglio che chiudete tutti i server perche chi gioca onesto non va avanti e chi è scorretto arriva il alto,puoi provvedere per favore perche tutti si lamentano. questo gioco bellissimo è destinato a morire se continua cosi. attendo una tua risposta e un tuo provvedimento in riguardo.

IP Address: 201.51.***.***

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