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The Star system is 55 Light years away. The Proposal is too:

    The Proposal is a two Rocket Delivery System.

One Rocket holding the Colonists.

A Supply Rocket of Larger Capabilitys will follow up too ensure the Colonists are adequately looked after at their Landing site and surroundings.

   You will need a Gas Welder too show up on the Space Flight. With the right Equipment. 
the gas Welder can also be used for making Hotdogs.
With the Candidate I have in mind for the Doctor. 
We will need a Teacher sometime after Launch, for when I am too disclose too the Doctor their will be a lot of racket on board the ship with the Colonists. Unless the "Lie bery still" can be on the Mission. 
   The Policeman can Pilot the follow up supplier. That will give me enough time too teach the Resultant Lightyear, Juristdiction, Advancement in Science theory,  and key mystery classics while maintaining our cotton white uniforms from the Dragon's Less friction Rocket overtakeing us. 
   Let me explain too the Officer: if our Observer Elite discovery is copied by an Over Sea'er then our Planet falls too another Civilization. We wouldn't want that would we?     
Yes The Dragons Less friction Rocket will be Overtakeing us too the J.L. Bin. YES Self enlightenment will be learned on the voyage, and completed their at the Finals Resting Place.
The Second Stage Rocket Proposal has caught up too us. 
No further Comment.
   Okay their could be further comment.
about the second Rocket for delivery. 
The Second Rocket is not yet obsolete, at the point where it overtakes the 1rst Rocket. 
Nickname :
Num. Title Player Hit Date
20646 3
20643 280
20640 340
20638 385
20637 410
20633 450
20632 496
20627 480
20621 699
20620 550
20617 570
20549 866
20548 785
20546 763
20543 784
20542 758
20541 753
20539 911
20536 819
20533 940
20532 883
20530 801
20528 828
20513 866
20512 818
20511 889
20509 877
20494 2424
20489 2200
20488 2007