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ticket 6097

i ask you to sort out your house


you korean scum are nothing but cheats, abusive people and useless players. Get your house in order, you are just shit at games, and seem to be even worse at business.


if you want suggestions on how to make a game fair, feel free to ask... otherwise ignore this like you have every other polite request


You are fucking useless as a support, and even worse as a cheating lowlife race. 

chill out. I have had issues with support tickets in the past, but the one time i did get a response was from Ava, who might be the only person there for all english related issues, as such she might well be spread thin. I dount yellow egg is a big company.

I will admit frustration at the game. about everyone who i was friendly with has left and the game has dominant forces.  still i believe your galaxy section has gotten a lot of benefits that mine never got, so a part of me wants to tell you to just quit whining. I do see some improvements in that they have let galaxies develop more before throwing them to the wolves, though that has probably further cost them players in older galaxies. 

as to your racist rant, that is in no way acceptable
Sorry Eva not Ava. also i shudder to suggest this to you, but perhaps for actual politely worded issues, put it half in english, then try to translate simple sentances into korean with google translate if you havent and putting that with the rest

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